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Thematically, I explore territories related to religion and spirituality, my curiosity driven in part by the tension I feel between religious impulse and intellect,  memory, nostalgia, and desire. Born and raised in a religious household in South Carolina, the experience of moving to New York in 2004 acted as a catalyst for me to question and eventually abandon any remaining religious beliefs that I held as a younger person. However, like hearing echoes of some original resonance, I do still experience “religious reverberations” and attempting to connect with the foundation of these echoes is fundamental to my work.  I try to notice the spiritual in everyday life as well as the absurd and the paradoxical.

The text in my work is sometimes relational to the image, but often not. Either way, I would like for the text to function as an idea in and of itself. The images and text I use have personal meaning for me, but ultimately the subjective nature of how the image and text work together in the mind of the viewer is what I think creates meaning in the work.